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Atlanta Family Photography – How to Help Your Husband Enjoy Family Photo Day

It always happens around the autumn of the year. Several times each fall dads I know will exclaim on social media “Glad the yearly torture – I mean photo session – is over for this year!”

Are you thinking about scheduling family photographs, but hesitant to broach the subject with your husband?  Perhaps you’ve had less-than-fun experiences with family photos in the past.  Does the thought of trying to get everyone looking nice and looking at the camera and smiling at once make you want to run in the other direction?

Do you worry about how hard it will be to keep the kids from being grumpy or uncooperative and (worst of all) keeping dad from fussing at them?

I’ve been doing Atlanta family photography for several years, and spent lots of time before that learning what works (and what doesn’t) with my own family.  I’ve got 3 tips for getting dads on board and helping them understand how family photos can actually be lots of fun and a joy for everyone – dad included!

Tip 1: Be Playful

I always tell moms and dads who are stressed by the behavior of their children that their kids are 100% NORMAL!  Posing and sitting still and smiling just so really aren’t natural activities for children.  That’s why I keep that to a minimum in my family photo sessions – kids will only tolerate so much of that, and it’s NORMAL. And it’s not dad’s job, or yours, or even mine to force them sit and pose.  Trying to force someone to do anything is stressful, and definitely not fun!

But dads are masters at playing with their kids. 

And really, that’s all they have to do have a great photo session.  Lifestyle Sessions at Home are particularly great for creating opportunities to play like these: atlanta-family-photography



I tell my dads that all they have to do is play with their kids.  And it’s amazing how they relax, which sets the stage for a great photo session.

Tip 2: Be Present

That’s really what it’s all about and what our kids will remember.  Tell your husband that he can be the hand they hold…


the shoulder they cuddle on…

atlanta-family-photography atlanta-family-photography

the dad who spends time with them…

atlanta-family-photography atlanta-family-photography

the strong presence who is always near, always loving…

atlanta-family-photography atlanta-family-photography

Tip 3: Be Helpful

Kids always give the best smiles for their dads.  Scolding never works – but getting silly?  It’s a surefire formula for great smiles.  I LOVE IT WHEN DADS GET SILLY behind the camera while I snap away!  These smiles were brought to you courtesy of dads standing behind me doing all sorts of silly things:

atlanta-family-photography atlanta-family-photographyDoes everyone have to be posing and smiling to make great photos?  Absolutely not!  Great photos happen when everyone is being themselves and having fun.  When Dad is on board with this idea, we always have a great photo session.

atlanta-family-photography atlanta-family-photographyShare these tips with your husband today.  They will help him see how family photos can be enjoyable and natural – and how he can play an important role in making your photo session great.  Trust me when I say that my years of experience in Atlanta family photography have proven to me over and over that the tips I’ve shared work!

If you are thinking of scheduling a fall photo session now is the time to schedule!  Please hit the contact bar in the menu to get in touch.  I look forward to hearing from you!

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