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As an Atlanta Lifestyle Photographer I sometimes get the question, “What is lifestyle photography?”  Allow me to elaborate!

rr_0014Lifestyle photography is an approach to photography that captures authentic moments.  In most cases, a family lifestyle session takes place at home.  A lifestyle session captures a slice of a family’s life, unscripted.  It is documentary in nature.

Atlanta Lifestyle Photographer_0016

Atlanta Lifestyle Photographer_0021Lifestyle photography makes my heart sing! I love how it captures daily, regular moments that would otherwise never be captured, that would be missed for their ordinary beauty.  It captures the connections that matter, and finds the beauty in the chaos of family life.  There is always beauty to be found in the chaos, one simply has to know how to look for it!

I love to incorporate anything important to you – a beloved pet (or even a stuffed animal!), a special quilt, a favorite toy.

rr_0015This is how I approach lifestyle sessions – I like to find out what each family does on a normal basis.  Perhaps you enjoy cooking together in the kitchen, or reading books together, playing board games, or playing soccer in the yard.  Maybe your toddler loves to climb the stairs!  I’ll find some pretty light, give a little direction, and then snap away, capturing beautiful images of your family being you, doing what you do.

Atlanta Lifestyle Photographer_0020 Atlanta Lifestyle Photographer_0022 Atlanta Lifestyle Photographer_0023 Atlanta Lifestyle Photographer_0024 Atlanta Lifestyle Photographer_0025 Atlanta Lifestyle Photographer_0026 Atlanta Lifestyle Photographer_0027 Atlanta Lifestyle Photographer_0028 Atlanta Lifestyle Photographer_0031 Atlanta Lifestyle Photographer_0030

Atlanta Lifestyle Photographer_0032The best thing about lifestyle photography is that it lets families be themselves.  I provide just a little direction, but for the most part, your family can just move and play!  Your life is beautiful as it is, and that is what I want to capture!

Atlanta Lifestyle Photographer_0017 Atlanta Lifestyle Photographer_0018 Atlanta Lifestyle Photographer_0019Of course we’ll throw in a few posed ones, ’cause you gotta while you’re having photos made, right?

Atlanta Lifestyle Photographer_0033 Atlanta Lifestyle Photographer_0034 Atlanta Lifestyle Photographer_0035 Atlanta Lifestyle Photographer_0036

Atlanta Lifestyle Photographer_0037

Atlanta Lifestyle Photographer_0038

Atlanta Lifestyle Photographer_0039

Does this resonate with you?  Does it make your heart sing, too?  I’d love to talk with you about YOUR family lifestyle session.  Please use the Contact Link in the menu bar to get in touch!

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Dawn Duffie - November 30, 2015 - 4:10 am

Awesome pictures!!

Tia Severino - January 13, 2016 - 3:41 pm

I love the Mobleys! You couldn’t have chosen a more beautiful, precious example of an American family at home …