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Atlanta Lifestyle Sessions at Home

Brea Robinson Photography specializes in Lifestyle Sessions at Home.

I love nothing more than the opportunity to capture a family where they feel most comfortable, in their very own home.  In a lifestyle session we capture daily, regular moments that would otherwise be missed for their ordinary beauty.  I find out what my clients love to do together at home.  Making crafts, baking, playing with pets, gardening, reading together, playing in the yard…the possibilities are endless.  We find some lovely light and capture you being you, at home, doing what you love to do together.  Lifestyle sessions at home are all about finding the beauty in the ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary.

Why have posed portraits when you could have genuine moments?



“I got teary multiple times looking at our photos.  Brea captures such sweet, tender moments that I would never even think to photograph.  And she caught expressions in my kids that are so true to them, yet so hard for me to catch.  I loved the effort she put into capturing us as we are.  No photographer has ever suggested my son go grab his favorite Lego set, yet the pictures of him draped on the bed, concentrating on his Lego plane are perfect slices of life for us.  My children generally get frustrated quickly with having their picture taken, yet you should have seen my daughter’s delight when she got to pull out all her favorite stuffed animals!  They got to be themselves and it made for the best pictures I’ve ever had of them.”

-Christy, mom of 3


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