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Do you offer digital files?

I offer both full resolution digital files and printed products in my collections.  Web-sized copies of purchased digital files are provided at no additional charge.  These are suitable for online sharing or display in a digital photo frame.

I completely understand that my clients want their digital files!  As a mother myself, I place a high value on having the digital files to archive for safe keeping. For this reason, each of my collections include some or all of the digital files from your gallery. 

As a photographer I also place a high value on making sure that my client’s photos get printed.  I do not want my clients to pay for a photo session only to have a flash drive of images in a drawer. This is why I have created collections that include both digital images and some of the best, heirloom quality printed products available. Clients get the best of both worlds with a combination of prints, products and digital images.

Most of my clients enjoy using the digital files they purchase for making greeting cards and sharing online, but prefer to purchase their wall art and heirloom quality printed products from me so that they are ensured the highest quality print possible.


“How soon can we expect our photos to be ready? How will we view and purchase our photos?”

After each photo session, my client’s images are creatively edited and polished and are be ready to view within two weeks.  We schedule a Reveal Night when I come to the client’s home and present their images in person.  My clients love the fact that I am available to sit down with them and guide them through the decision making process.  It’s both fun and time-saving!  My clients especially love the iPad app I have that allows them to view their images at actual size on their walls.  It makes all their decisions a snap.

I offer special Reveal Night pricing on all collections and a la carte products.  After the fun of Reveal Night is over, my clients can sit back and relax knowing that all the decisions have been made while I get to work on turning their photos into works of art!


“Am I required to purchase a package?”

There is no package or minimum purchase requirement.  Clients may purchase a collection, or they may choose to purchase printed products a la carte.

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“What is the best time of day for photos?”

The optimal time for outdoor photographs is during “the golden hour,” which is the first hour after sunrise and the last hour before sunset. This provides the most “dreamy,” even lighting for photos. This is when most clients schedule their sessions.

The exact timing of the golden hour depends on the time of year but in general, for evening photo shoots this may fall anywhere between 4:00 PM and 7:00 PM. Allowances are made for the needs of young children whose napping, sleeping and other needs may not make this time optimal. When this is the case we will need to seek out a photo location that will provide lots of shade so that the lighting will be even and not harsh.

Indoor photo sessions should be planned at a time when your home has lots of good natural light coming in through the windows.

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“What if my children misbehave during our photo session?”

I LOVE photographing children! This is a passion of mine, capturing a child as he or she is at one moment in time. They change and grow so quickly and I believe we cannot afford to be without beautiful images of our children.

I do not expect children to “pose” for the camera, at least not for very long. I think children are best captured when they are allowed to play, to move, and to be themselves. Movement is key to capturing natural expressions; telling a child to stand still and look at the camera is the best way to get a fake smile. I want to capture the essence of childhood, and play is the language of children.

It is perfectly normal for a child to become uncooperative at some point during a photo sessions.  It’s a very common occurrence!  How this is handled is key. I want to draw them back in through play. Scolding and disciplining is generally counterproductive to getting happy photos.

I give my clients these tips for assisting me in creating a great session for their child:

  • Be positive, be playful and set the tone for having fun.  Be prepared to play with your child.
  • Help keep the children safe (stand close by if needed).
  • Hold the child’s hand while I photograph them.
  • Get behind me and play peek-a-boo or make silly faces.
  • Hold the child upside down.
  • Tickle the child.
  • Tell a joke and make them laugh.
  • Get in the photos with your children. These are the photos they will cherish most when they are grown!


“What should we wear for our photo session?”

Here are a few helpful tips on what to wear in your photos*:

  • Be colorful, and coordinate (but don’t match)!  To make photos more interesting and stylish, coordinate your outfits and avoid having everyone wear “all white” or “all black.”  Start with one outfit you really like and use it as inspiration to build your outfit color scheme.
  • Steer clear of fluorescent colors.  Instead go for versions of primary colors such as yellow (mustard), red (maroon, brick), and blue (navy, royal).
  • If your photos will be outdoors, avoid too much green so that you will stand out amidst all the greenery of your surroundings
  • Wear what you feel good in, and make sure you are comfortable.  If you aren’t comfortable in an outfit or a pear of shoes, it will show in your photos.
  • Wear nice shoes.  A great outfit should be finished off with a nice pair of shoes.  Tennis shoes, flip flops, and crocs will detract from a nice outfit.
  • Layer your outfit.  Layers add dimension and depth.  Add a belt to a summer dress and a statement necklace or a light scarf.  In winter cardigans, vests, belts, necklaces, scarves and hats make for wonderfully styled photos
  • Wear clothes that fit well.  Saggy or ill-fitting clothes will look sloppy in photos.  Go for a tailored look.  This will be more flattering in photos.  The same is true for children.  Dress them in clothes that fit well.
  • A simple, minimal look is best for newborn photos.  Gray, black and white are recommended for newborn portrait sessions. A light color shade may also be appropriate, but we don’t want the delicacy of the baby to be overshadowed by bright colors.  A plain black or white tank top (for women) or t-shirt (for men) make great wardrobe choices for newborn photo sessions.
  • Dress appropriately for the weather, and consider making a back-up plan in case the weather suddenly changes to be warmer or cooler than expected.
  • Timeless clothing will always be in style.  A smocked dress or outfit, a pretty white lace dress, or even a baby in just a diaper cover will never go out of style.

I will be available to consult with you on your wardrobe choices before your session.



“What forms of payment do you accept?”

I accept cash, check and credit card payments.  All major credit cards are accepted via PayPal.  A payment plan may be arranged through PayPal, which provides six months of interest free financing for orders over $99.  All payments, once made, are nonrefundable.

“When should I book my newborn session?”

Most of my clients book their newborn session no later than the 35th week of pregnancy.  A ‘best estimate’ date will be chosen, but flexibility will be provided based on when the baby is actually born.  I usually recommend that a newborn session be shot when the baby is between five and ten days old because they tend to be more calm and sleepy during this period and this is usually before newborn acne sets in.  However, since I shoot newborns with a lifestyle approach, I focus more on photographing the baby with his family and less on posing the baby.  This means that if the baby is a bit older and needs to be held or fed, we can just follow the baby’s lead and photograph him in his regular routines of being fed, held, and comforted.

Some parents prefer to wait until their baby is a couple of months old and a bit more settled.  This can be great for getting images of the baby awake and wide eyed.  It’s also nice for mom because she may be feeling better and more energetic by this point.  I consult with all my clients on what their particular desires and needs are and we plan accordingly.